Through Forward Food, foodservice directors, chefs, dietitians, doctors, public health leaders, environmental NGOs, and millions of individuals are helping grow a healthier, more sustainable food system. We’re preventing cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. We’re tackling obesity. We’re reducing greenhouse gas emissions and conserving water. We’re transforming our colleges, universities, hospitals, schools, correctional facilities, military bases, and more. Some have started with programs like Meatless Mondays. Many are now working to reduce meat purchases by 20% through emphasizing healthier plant-based foods. Whatever route you go, we have great resources available to help you succeed!

Together, we can help bring food forward.



We'll come to your school or dining operation to host a Forward Food Leadership Summit for all foodservice professionals, a Forward Food Culinary Experience training for chefs, a Forward Food Culinary Nutrition Workshop for health professionals, or a Forward Food Culinary Training for K-12 and childcare foodservice professionals. Click here to learn more about our events program. 


These K-12 compliant recipesCACFP recipesprepared products and cycle menus for K-12 schools are tasty, healthy, USDA-compliant, and student-approved! And this toolkit can help promote your food.  We can also do a free training for your district!


Check out these toolkits for university foodservice professionalshealthcare foodservice professionals, and Meatless Monday for strategies, solutions, and action plans.


Check out this list of both classic and new plant-based products!


We’ve teamed up with a scientific expert who can assess how your decision to add more plant-based foods may positively impact the planet. Changes in food related greenhouse gas emissions will be quantified and reported in a format that you can use in communications with your customers/students, and also as part of any wider greenhouse gas reduction strategy your school or institution may have. This specialty service can be tailored to your needs.


Work in the foodservice sector? In addition to the recipes and other resources on this website that may come in handy for you, feel free to download our Professional’s Guide to Meat-Free Meals for more ideas to help you make your operations more plant-focused.


Download over 100 plant-strong recipes featuring grains, legumes, vegetables, and fruits created by our classically trained chef, Wanda White, and another 100 recipes for healthcare foodservice!


Click here to read some stories about what others are doing.


We can assist you with marketing plant-based entrees in your dining centers. Whether internal marketing (like point of sale materials, posters, customer incentives, presentations to staff, web content, and draft letters for staff/customers) or public outreach (like press releases), should you wish to promote your commitment to health and sustainability, we're here to help. Contact us to receive brochurespostcardslogosposters or stickers for FREE.